UAMS Centers on Aging

Developed by the Reynolds Institute at UAMS, the UAMS Centers on Aging has developed eight satellite Centers on Aging throughout the state.  No other state in the country has a similar network of health care and educational services for seniors.  Through these Centers on Aging, every older adult in Arkansas can reach quality health care in less than 60 minutes.  Educational programs are available for older Arkansans, their families, students, health care professionals and the general public in nearly every county in the state.

The UAMS Centers on Aging was born through partnerships with UAMS’s Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), statewide Area Agencies on Aging, local and regional hospitals, local colleges and universities, and communities.  Some funding for the UAMS Centers on Aging is provided through Arkansas’ share of the national tobacco settlement – Arkansas is the only state in the union that chose to use the settlement monies to improve the state’s health.

The mission of the UAMS Centers on Aging is to improve health outcomes of older Arkansans through interdisciplinary clinical care and innovative educational programs.  An additional focus of the program is to influence health policy at the state and national levels with an emphasis on the needs of rural older adults.

In 2009, the UAMS Centers on Aging (program received a $3,015,565 grant from the Reynolds Foundation funding the replication of the Schmieding Home Caregiver Training Program. Between 2009 and 2012, sites were established in Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, Texarkana and West Memphis. In 2012 the Reynolds foundation gave the UAMS Centers on Aging an additional grant of $7.9 million to continue the initial programs and to add sites in Ft. Smith, Little Rock and El Dorado. All eight programs will be up and running by October 2013. The Schmieding Home Caregiver Training Program provides education and skills training to individuals caring for older adults in the home. The program originated in Northwest Arkansas and was made possible because of the generosity of Lawrence H. Schmieding who foresaw the need for quality trained home caregivers and education of family members. More information on the Schmieding Home Caregiver Training program can be found on the web at http://uamscaregiving.org/.

Little Rock Digital Learning Center

The Little Rock Digital Learning Center is a non-profit organization providing computer technology skills to adult students.  We are located in the Reynolds Institute on Aging on the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences campus in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our volunteers have many years’ of experience in teaching adults the ability to understand digital technology and to enable them to share their newly found knowledge and wisdom with others.  Through our volunteer instructors and coaches we support their development and expand their computer literacy skills through classes and workshops on the latest technology environment offered.

The  Little Rock Digital Learning Center volunteers, older adults already familiar with computer operations, teach other adults, many of whom have never worked with a computer.  The volunteers conduct training classes for students covering basic computers, intermediate computers, word processing, excel spreadsheets, plus provide instruction in software programs for genealogy and graphics.

Little Rock DLC volunteers learn and teach others how to use computers to accomplish a variety of tasks. They learn to desktop publish anything from a newsletter to an autobiography, manage personal records, and communicate with others across the country and the world through Internet programs such as Email and Facebook. DLC students share a desire to continue learning and a willingness to contribute their knowledge to others.

Learn more about the classes offered and the schedule of upcoming classes at www.littlerockdlc.org

Community Programs

Programs of interest to the public are held on a regular basis at the Reynolds Institute.  For information on programs, please send an email to:  TVCraig@uams.edu

AARP Driving Course

For course locations, online course, and information on the AARP Driver Safety Course, please click here for their website.  Thank you and stay safe and smart!