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Development and validation of a LC-MS method for the determination of di-and tripeptides

The main aim of the thesis is the validation of a newly developed method that enables the determination and quantification of specific di-and tripeptides in plasma samples with the EZ-fast method. 
Di-and tripeptides in the  plasma samples will originate from  experiments due to enzymatic digestion of admitted (hydrolyzed)proteins. 
The EZ-faast method is regularly used in the determination of amino acids and had been previously applied for the derivatization of di-and tripeptides. The method involves solid phase extraction (SPE) of the peptides followed by derivatization of the peptides. Analysis of the peptide derivatives is done with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (triple quadrupole MS) with electrospray ionization (ESI) of the peptides and separation by reversed phase chromatography (RP-C18). 

Important issues of the thesis are: 
1. Development of the LC-MS method 
2. Validation of the method (e.g. LOD, LOQ, accuracy and precision etc.) 
3. Analysis of plasma samples from experiments

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Nicolaas Deutz