Pepper Center Seminars

Our monthly research seminar series, sponsored by the Arkansas Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (OAIC) Grant, features scientific updates from investigators interested in aging research across the UAMS campus and other speakers from affiliated institutions. This series promotes basic, clinical and translational research which spans all aspects of aging from the molecule to the society for the benefit of preventing frailty and maintaining functional independence in seniors. This series occurs monthly on the third Friday from 12 noon to 1 pm in the Jo Ellen Ford Auditorium. Lunch is provided. Please email Laura Gocio if you would like to be included in the distribution list for the seminar announcements.

2016 Pepper Center Seminar Speakers

1/15/2016 – Elisabet Borsheim, PhD; Associate Professor – Departments of Pediatrics and Geriatrics, College of Medicine, UAMS

Title: Metabolism in aging – nutrition and physical activity

2/19/2016 – Linda J. Larson-Prior, PhD; Professor – Department of Psychiatry, Brain Imaging Research Center, College of Medicine, UAMS

Title: The promise of sleep in an aging population

2015 Pepper Center Seminar Speakers

1/16/2015 – Paula Roberson, PhD; Professor and Chair – Department of Biostatistics, UAMS; Umit Topaloglu, PhD; Assistant Professor – Department of Biostatistics, UAMS

Title: Update on Pepper Center Biostatistics and Data Management Core

Dmitry Nedosekin, PhD; Research Associate – Department of Otolaryngology, College of Medicine, UAMS

Title: Nanomaterials in Medical Research: Seeing the Invisible

3/20/2015 – Donald Bodenner, MD, PhD; Professor – Geriatric Endocrinology, Department of Geriatrics, College of Medicine, UAMS; Arny Ferrando, PhD; Professor – Department of Geriatrics, Center for Translational Research in Aging and Longevity, College of Medicine, UAMS

Title: Canine Detection of Metastatic Thyroid Cancer

4/17/2015 – Robert S. Reis, PhD; Professor – Departments of Geriatrics and Biochemistry, College of Medicine, UAMS

Title: Cryopreservation of organs for transplantation: what can we learn from yeast, worms and rabbits

9/18/2015 – Sean H. Adams, PhD; Center Director – Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center;
Professor & Section Chief – Developmental Nutrition, Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, UAMS

Title: Metabolic Physiology & Pathophysiology: insights from metabolomics

10/23/2015 – Vladimir P. Zharov, PhD, DSc; Director – Arkansas Nanomedicine Center at UAMS; Professor – Departments of Radiology and Otolaryngology, College of Medicine, UAMS

Title: In vivo flow cytometry of circulating cells

12/18/2015 – Alexei G. Basnakian, MD, PhD; Director – DNA Damage & Toxicology Core, Translational Research Institute; Professor – Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, College of Medicine, UAMS

Title: Endonuclease G: a protector among DNA destroyers