Nutrition, Metabolism, and Physiology Core (RC2)

The RC2, under the leadership of Drs. Arny Ferrando (Core Leader), Gohar Azhar (Core Co-Leader), Robert Coker (Core Co-Leader) and Dennis Sulliven (Core Co-Leader), provides expertise, instrumentation, training, and evaluation in support of translational research. There are currently 10 research protocols that are being supported by this aim of RC2.  A few of the protocols just require functional tests, but most require nutritional and metabolic evaluations as well. A number of specific functional tests are currently being developed and validated to help investigators evaluate subjects with congestive heart failure. A large proportion of studies will employ cardiac or skeletal muscle functional assessments, and skeletal muscle biopsies in conjunction with stable isotopes to evaluate protein metabolism. RC2 is also assisting with analysis of body composition and coordination with the metabolic kitchen for all the projects. A few projects looking at activities and skeletal and/or cardiac functional outcomes will not use stable isotopes. Training opportunities are available to investigators for their specific protocols. For example investigators new to functional assessments are being co-mentored by Drs. Ferrando, Azhar or Wei. Investigators new to nutritional evaluations and metabolism are being co-mentored by Drs. Ferrando, Coker, Sullivan or Wolfe. Translational research opportunities are available to all investigators conducting bench research. The monthly OAIC meetings have been successful in bringing together investigators with varied backgrounds, expertise and interests, encouraging new collaborations. For example, the new pilot recipient, Dr. George will be collaborating with Dr. Coker in doing muscle physiology and functional assessments. Dr. Coker will be collaborating with Drs. Azhar and Wei in performing cardiac functional evaluation.