Biostatistics and Data Management (RC1)

The Biostatistics and Data Management Core was developed to assist investigators with designing research plans that are statistically sound and utilize efficient and secure data management procedures.  The core leader is Paula Roberson, Ph.D. and the core co-leader is Bill Hogan, M.D. Dr. Roberson has met with pilot investigators and more senior Pepper Center members to provide input into the development of pilot project protocols as well as other aging-related research projects.  This input includes not only development of sample size and power calculations, but overall study design considerations, since the power/sample size calculations, data analysis plans, and study design are all integrally related.  Drs. Roberson and Hogan also participated in the review of pilot award applications.  Dr. Hogan and Mr. Nitin Kanaskar have analyzed case report forms in use by investigators in the Pepper Center and identified numerous, common data elements, and have also built draft versions of electronic case report forms. Dr. Roberson and Ms. Amy Schrader have been involved in the analysis of preliminary data from ongoing investigators in the center and have also assisted in the development of new projects. Drs. Roberson and Hogan have been involved in raising awareness of data management services such as the data warehouse, which is a new resource that pools all the clinical data from the UAMS campus. The educational activities in biostatistics and data management during this start-up period have been primarily one-one in nature, through meetings with investigators as well as comments and feedback in review of pilot proposals.    Drs. Roberson and Hogan meet bi-monthly and include Pepper Center issues in this agenda.  Both Dr. Roberson and Dr. Hogan as well as Ms. Schrader and Mr. Kanaskar attend the monthly research seminars and participate in the monthly administrative meetings of the Pepper Center.