Schmieding Home Caregiver Program

In 2009, the UAMS Centers on Aging received a $3,015,565 grant from the Reynolds Foundation Funding the replication of the Schmieding Home Caregiver Training Program. Between 2009 and 2012, sites were established in Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, Texarkana and West Memphis. In 2012 the Reynolds Foundation gave the AAI an additional grant of $7.9 million to continue the initial programs and to add sites in Ft. Smith, Little Rock, Hot Springs and El Dorado. All eight programs will be up and running by October 2013. The Schmieding Home Caregiver Training Program provides education and skills training to individuals caring for older adults in the home. The program originated in Northwest Arkansas and was made possible because of the generosity of Lawrence H. Schmieding who foresaw the need for quality trained home caregivers and education of family members. More information on the Schmieding Home Caregiver Training program can be found on the web at