Healthy Aging

We are all aging. This is a fact.  However, considering the alternative, aging is still much preferred.  How fortunate you and I are to be alive today!  We are on the cusp of so many advances in the biomedical, physical, and social sciences.  Hold on to your hats!  Healthy Aging is the most group of healthy seniorsimportant topic today.

In the United States, the population showing the greatest growth on a percent basis is in individuals between the age of 80 and 90! Individuals of advanced age are no longer “put out to pasture” but instead are or wish to be vibrant contributing members of society. Our goal at UAMS, through a wide range of programs, initiatives and research is, put simply, to promote healthy aging.

Seniors, like all of us, need activities that strengthen their minds as well as their bones and muscles. They benefit from social interactions, good nutrition and healthy personal habits. They need resources to assist them in answering their health and wellness concerns.

At UAMS, we have some of those answers and are dedicated to seeking solutions for other age-related issues. Our eight-story Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging anchors the work we are doing on campus. Our efforts include state-of-the-art clinical care, innovative translational research and top-ranked inter-professional biomedical education.

We provide care to seniors on our campus, but we also bring the care to where the seniors are with our regional Centers on Aging and the
novel Schmieding Home Caregiver Training Program that empowers caregivers to help those wanting to age well at home.

We are working to reduce hospital admission and readmission rates, reduce falls, prevent frailty and help people maintain active lifestyles as long as possible. We are teaching our students and health care professionals about the nuances of caring for seniors and their special needs.

Our current research addresses key questions about Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular health, longevity, nutritional factors unique to older individuals and other age-related issues. We are also partnering with the Veterans Administration health system and communities around the state to bring services to those special populations.

We hope you will enjoy this snapshot of our exciting work, celebrate with us our successes and join us in our plans for a much healthier and brighter future for older adults.

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